Zamudio Studio restoration in Santa Fe
Norberto Zamudio

Zamudio Studio restoration in Santa Fe

Norberto’s education is as diverse as his cultural and artistic expression. He earned a degree in oceanography at the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Mexico with a special interest in marine ecology fulfilling a life-long passion - the study of the natural world and the laws that govern it. After earning his degree in science, Norberto decided to pursue his other passion, fine art and art history becoming very interested in the role that art and the artist played in the life, cosmology and mythology of the ancient pre-Columbian civilizations that flourished in what is now the American continent. While seemingly disparate pursuits, both art and science focus on how we view the nature of reality through creative curiosity. Other studies completed are; art photography, anthropology, linguistics and computer graphic design.

Zamudio's ancestors are Basque, Catalan, Yaqui and Aztec. Norberto is Mexican, and because he has both, European and Native American genes in his blood, he feels culturally and ethnically wealthy.

Norberto’s artistic creativity and cultural expression have been synthesized in his participation in traditional Aztec dance. As a dancer, he has performed in the most prestigious performing art centers in this country, such as: The Lincoln Center in New York City and The Ravinia Festival in Chicago. He has also lectured and performed at the Butler University in Indianapolis; Stanford University in California; Indiana University at Bloomington; Heard Museum; Cleveland Museum; Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe; St. John College and the Borough of Manhattan Performing Arts Center.

Norberto Zamudio has also worked for over fifteen years as director of fine art galleries such as the William Siegal Gallery, which specializes in pre-Columbian art; the Peyton Wright Gallery, with a specialty in Spanish Colonial art and the Milan Gallery with a focus in Native America art.